Rural Teacher´s Learning Community

The Rural Teacher´s Learning Community module aim is to strength the teaching and learning competences of the teachers. The project will develop their competences by adopting different pedagogical models, with the use of Web collaborative tools.

These tools will allow the teacher to:

  • ·         Access to the expert material (Theory and cases of the pedagogical models)
  • ·         Share their knowledge and experience
  • ·         Receive feedback from different members of the community
  • ·         Document their activities and findings
  • ·         Spread the models to different communities (Schools, teachers, etc.)

  The main audiences of this module are the teachers of rural schools, in this particular case the teachers of the high school Institución Educativa Nueva Esperanza La Palma (IENLAP), in Ibagué, Colombia, but we also want to invite and encourage participating two different groups: the students and the parents from the community.

The core subject of the module is to understand and guide the pedagogical approach of PEBA with emphasis in the participation of the community. The pedagogical approach integrates 5 components: New school (escuela nueva), little scientists (pequeños científicos), productive pedagogical projects (proyectos pedagógicos productivos), inclusive education (educación inclusiva), and music model (Batuta).

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